Global Environmental Manufacture.


Our goal is to keep the overall environmental impact of a product as small as possible from an idea  till after use.

The same careful planning goes into how to source raw materials as into how to recycle at end of use.

The good sourcer has to have a broad education and training.

Renewable and environmentally friendly demands are growing every year.Resources are not to be wasted at any cost.

This puts us all on our toes.Company´s have been outsourcing a lot in the past,mostly to save money for short term .

Now we are going to see the trend go in another direction.Renewable,environmentally friendly and sustainable sourcing is our goal.

Long term planning,saving not only money but also environment and resources.

You could say "but we are already doing it" and you are right.But the main focus is going to shift from making money this year,

to making money this millennium.Education and training are shifting,public awearness is forever changed.

To go forward,we have to be fully awear that every step in the supply chain counts.

Open innovation is one of the tools used.




The reason for food conflict

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